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Last Updated: April 6, 2021


Delivery and sale


The delivery time depends on the products and the country / state in which the 

shipment is carried out and counts as soon as  receives payment 

for the order. Orders received before 11:00 am on workdays are
usually processed on the next business day, orders received after 11:00 am are
usually processed within 2 business days and prepared for handover to the
shipping service provider. The regular delivery time from handover to the
shipping service provider is 6 to 10 business days.


When you purchase from , you accept and understand that the 

availability of the products is always displayed on the details page of each product, 

indicating the expected delivery time, which may increase due to reasons that are 

outside the control of chairio. 

In the event of deviations from the stated delivery time, chairio will inform you
of any situation that is caused by unforeseen delays and arrange for the
reimbursement of the purchase price in the event that you request such a refund
for breach of contract, after the product has been returned to the supplier.


Within this period, chairio is not liable for any possible late delivery due to third-party
transactions such as logistics agencies, import delays or customs administration.


The provider will attempt to deliver and handover the purchased product at the 

nearest entrance to which the transport vehicle has access. If you want the transport 

service to deliver the parcel to your door, you must report this directly at
the time of ordering and pay for the extra service provided by the delivery
service. The delivery address is the one stated in your order or invoice. These
conditions apply if you choose our predefined transportation service.


The buyer must be aware that he assumes the liability for the goods from the time of
delivery of the products to the delivery address of the customer, as well as full
responsibility for any other subsequent delivery of the products to the buyer,
including any additional cost in connection with the order, including transit,
import duties, local taxes and insurance costs.


chairio attempts to deliver the products to the address of the buyer, if the buyer
decides to use our standard transportation service.


chairio will do everything to comply with the agreed delivery dates of the goods 

to the delivery address. However, if chairio cannot meet the agreed delivery date, 

the buyer will be notified so that he either agrees to a new delivery date or, if
it is not possible to meet the delivery date, can request a refund.


The goods shall only be transferred to the buyer upon full payment of the purchase 

price and delivery of the goods to the delivery address. Liability for the goods
shall pass to the buyer upon delivery of the order to the delivery address.
Please note that our freight forwarders usually deliver only to the door of the
customer’s address, if this location is easily accessible.


The products are carefully packed and delivered in its protected package. If, for any
reason, you arrange unpacking prior to arrival at the final
, we will not be liable for any damages incurred.


It is the buyer’s responsibility to carefully inspect the packaging and the goods for
damage immediately upon receipt or receipt by a third party. In the event of
damage such as the packaging shows signs of breakage, bruising, improper t

ransport or handling, the buyer must inform the supplier by e-mail to  

within 24 hours. chairio cannot be held liable after this period.


chairio will not carry the shipping costs in case of refusal of delivery of the order, which 

has not been confirmed by our customer service department, or the return of the order 

due to the customer not being present at the delivery address specified
in the order.


When accepting the delivery, buyers should be careful when opening the packaging.
chairio assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to the products during
unpacking by the customer, for example if the customer removes the protective
packaging with a knife. All our products are well protected.


Tip: Be patient when unpacking the goods and use the right tools to avoid damaging 

the products.


If, after delivery attempts, the buyer is not present at the delivery address specified
in the order, the carrier will leave an advice note with each delivery attempt,
where the carrier should be contacted to arrange a timely delivery date within
regular working hours. If delivery is not possible within the time allowed by
the shipping service (usually 7 days), the order will be returned to the
chairio warehouse immediately. The return costs as well as the shipping cost to
the customer are at the expense of the customer. The customer may at any time
request a new delivery of the order (delivery cost in this case will be borne
by the customer), by sending a request by e-mail to .


The buyer must make sure that the delivery address is correct when ordering, in 

order to avoid delivery to the wrong address. In case the shipment needs to be 

forwarded to another address, the shipping costs are charged to the buyer.


If a shipment cannot be delivered due to difficulties in accessing this address
(stairs or unsuitable access routes), the customer will be responsible for any
additional costs incurred for the delivery. If the delivery address poses
certain problems for the shipment of the delivery, this must be communicated in
advance for the driver to consider. chairio will contact the carrier to clarify
the feasibility of the delivery. If you wish, you can contact our customer
service via to check the dimensions to avoid
delivery problems. 


In the event of damage detection on the packaging or on the product, one of 

the following provisions applies:

Damaged packages


The buyer must accept the delivery in case of damage to the packaging, if the 

damage has obviously not affected the products. Keep the goods safe and mark 

them on the delivery note “Unpacked with reservation” and take a picture, which
you send to . The damage is then claimed with the transport company.

In the event that the buyer refuses delivery without stating the reason stated 

above and does not notify our claims department, the customer is responsible for the loss
of the order and / or any other chargeable consequences caused by this refusal
(including the shipping cost to the customer).


Defective goods


It is the duty of each customer to check the goods as soon as they arrive at the 

delivery address specified in the order.


If there is damage in transit (damaged or incomplete goods) during the delivery 

and the damage is clearly visible, the buyer must note in the transport delivery note
“Package damaged, outstanding inspection”. If the shipping company
does not provide a delivery note, the buyer must contact chairio by e-mail to within 24 hours of receiving the goods and attach photos of the 

damage. The same applies if a delivery note was provided. In this case, a copy of 

the delivery note with the notice and photos of the damage must be sent to within 24 hours. Otherwise, the incident cannot be claimed 

and chairio will not be liable for this.


If the delivery is made to a third party, the customer has a maximum of 72 hours to
claim the incident. The customer must follow the instructions to contact our
customer service department ( ).


In any case, the images of the packages must be sent in advance to  

with the return request. The customer service department determines whether the return 

is accepted or not, depending on the condition of the products.


The buyer must provide the damaged or defective goods to our carrier so that they can be 

picked up and returned to our facilities. The transport company will pick up
the shipment at the customer’s delivery address.


Damaged or defective products will be replaced by a new product of the same
characteristics. This exchange will be handled as soon as possible by chairio,
from the date on which the buyer reported the damage to the supplier. However,
we reserve the right to offer a refund or compensation. After the damage has
been checked, depending on the result, the damaged product will be replaced
free of charge and delivered within the respective delivery time and depending
on the current stock.


chairio will check the goods and determine if the responsibility for the defect lies with
the buyer, the logistics agency or the supplier. If the defect is caused by the
buyer, chairio reserves the right to refuse to process the application. If the
returned goods are damaged due to the buyer’s actions, the buyer is responsible
and must bear the costs of repairing the damage.


chairio reserves the right to refuse any claim if the item is not returned in the
original packaging, open, without labeling, in poor condition, unpackaged or
used. The same applies if the return request is not sent within 24 hours of
receipt of the goods, except for a delivery to third party, in which case the
customer has 72 hours to report the case.



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