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Last Updated: April 6, 2021


The company (hereinafter called chairio) is specializing in online furniture retail.


In accordance with the information regulations for electronic commerce, the
information provided here is about the operator of the homepage


Company name: chairio

Contact Location: 1950 W Corporate Way, Anaheim, CA 92801-5390, USA

Telephone number: +16199661030



Copyright and industrial property rights.


chairio is the owner of the copyright and intellectual property rights of the entire
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intellectual and industrial property laws. Copying or reproducing the entire
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The use of this website implies the express consent, without reservation of these terms of
use, to provide users with information about our products.


The use of the content of this website for commercial purposes or their distribution,
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chairio is not liable for any damage or loss that may result from access or use. The
access to the website and the use of the information contained in it are solely
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The user is obliged not to use, damage or render useless the website and the products and
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that violates the present imprint is not warranted.


chairio cannot guarantee proper access without interruptions to the website. However,
everything is done to enable proper access to the site.




Our privacy policy can be found at this page . Our Privacy Policy explains how we process

 information about you. You understand that by using the Website, you confirm that processing of this
information is in accordance with the Privacy Policy.


Child Protection Policy.


Anybody who provides his personal information to us by using the different forms of this
website agrees to the processing of the data and confirms to be over 16 years
old. The use and access of our website is prohibited for anybody below the age
of 16. chairio informs that parents bear full responsibility for their
children, should they provide personal information for the purchase of a
product. There are computer programs that could be used by parents, which use a
filter to limit navigation or make certain content inaccessible (for


Links to other websites.


The links on this website to other websites are a service to our users. The pages are not
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These Terms and Conditions are governed by the applicable European and American rules for
the resolution of any dispute arising as a result of the resolution of these
Terms and their interpretation, application and realization. The user expressly
waives any other place of jurisdiction for acceptance of the terms and
conditions other than the one set out in these Terms and Conditions.


If the legislation allows, within the European or American jurisdiction, to submit to
a specific jurisdiction, the user expressly waives any other place of
jurisdiction which he is subject to and voluntarily submits to the jurisdiction
of the Courts of Los Angeles, California, USA




The terms and conditions of this website apply to all contracts for the sale of goods
from the supplier to the buyer. These have priority over any other
communication, contract or documentation on the part of the buyer. The intention
of the terms and conditions is not in any way to harm or disadvantage the buyer
as a consumer, but to convey security during access and purchase on .


These terms and conditions can only be changed if the supplier expressly agrees in writing.


The supplier reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. However,
this right does not affect the existing terms and conditions (including any
special or different terms and conditions that the buyer accepted at the time
of purchase).


If the buyer accepts the delivery of the goods, this will be deemed final proof of the
buyer’s acceptance of these terms and conditions.


The conditions that apply to
(website) are accepted by the buyer as soon as he places an order with chairio
and accepts all terms and conditions.


The buyer will be informed by e-mail about his order, which is registered on the website,
when the buyer places an order, as soon as the buyer makes the payment, when
the order is in processed, when the order is shipped, when chairio has the
tracking number, which is offered by the transport agency and when the order
has been delivered. This last step is accompanied by an email or phone call to
ask for the opinion of the service and the satisfaction of the buyer to improve
our quality of customer service. Taking into account
the above clause, the buyer accepts the specified delivery times on all product
and invoice registration pages. However, we offer an e-mail to provide
additional information about the order process. Read the section


Any complaint from the buyer must be addressed in writing to the following address
of the customer service:


The stated delivery time in days refers to workdays (weekdays from Monday to Friday).
Public Holidays do not count as working days.

The details of some products may vary slightly with respect to the specified dimensions (+/-
1%), as well as color or material. The images of the product can also be
displayed differently depending on the browser or device. The buyer is aware of
this when purchasing the goods and agrees to the previous terms and conditions
when purchasing from chairio.


All products have a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 1 year. chairio is not liable for
incorrect assembly or improper use of the purchased products.

The supplier is not liable for rejected orders from the carrier or logistics company at the
time of delivery.


Upon expiration of the 14-calendar-day period from receipt of the product, no return
requests will be accepted in accordance with the applicable right of withdrawal,
whatever the cause, except in case of a warranty claim.


The right of revocation does not apply to products that have been made specifically and / or
according to the customer’s specifications or exclusively according to his
needs. Any resulting costs from returning these types of orders shall be borne
by the buyer.


chairio is not liable for the delays caused by the delivery company, as it is an external
service that is beyond our control. Any complaint will be forwarded directly to
the delivery company. At the time of purchase, you consent to this
service, and that it is outside our liability. You have 24 hours after the
delivery of the order to notify chairio of any damage or other shipping
incidents by the logistics or delivery company by contacting us as soon as
possible at .




To place an order, the buyer must use the purchase process through  

and make the payment bycredit / debit card or PayPal payment system. You can also order 

via and choose bank transfer as the payment method by following 

the steps sent to you from our order department by e-mail.


All invoices for orders are issued upon request as soon as the payment has been formalized
and confirmed by the beneficiary bank. You can request all invoices via email
to .


All product orders are deemed to be the offer of the buyer for the purchase of goods, in
accordance with these terms and conditions and are subject to acceptance by the
supplier. The supplier may, for any reason, reject an order.


The buyer can check the order status at any time by emailing  

once the payment has been formalized and confirmed by the bank, which is answered 

by chairio within 24-48 hours on regular working days within business hours.


Unless specifically stated, all prices include shipping. chairio reserves the right to
change this price without prior notice, to remove the product or stock of an
item, and to launch new products.


The purchased products must be paid after ordering through one of the selected
payment methods chosen by the buyer during the purchase process. No product can
be reserved without prior payment.


Should the customer accept the processing and shipping cost for certain orders, which
would be specifically mentioned, these will be stated explicitly in the
shopping cart and when placing the order.


All products need to be assembled by using the appropriate included installation
instructions and tools included in the package. The prices quoted on  

do not include the assembly of items.




The products are carefully packed and delivered in its protected package. If, for any
reason, you arrange unpacking prior to arrival at the final
, we will not be liable for any damages incurred.


a. Delivery and sale


The delivery time depends on the products and the country / state in which the shipment is
carried out and counts as soon as  receives payment for the order. 

Orders received before 11:00 am on workdays are usually processed on the next business day, 

orders received after 11:00 am are usually processed within 2 business days and prepared for 

handover to the shipping service provider. The regular delivery time from handover to the
shipping service provider is 6 to 10 working days.


When you purchase from , you accept and understand that the availability 

of the products is always displayed on the details page of each product, indicating the

 expected delivery time, which may increase due to reasons that are outside the control 

of chairio. In the event of deviations from the stated delivery time, chairio will inform you
of any situation that is caused by unforeseen delays and arrange for the
reimbursement of the purchase price in the event that you request such a refund
for breach of contract, after the product has been returned to the supplier.


Within this period, chairio is not liable for any possible late delivery due to third-party
transactions such as logistics agencies, import delays or customs


The provider will attempt to deliver and handover the purchased product at the nearest
entrance to which the transport vehicle has access. If you want the transport
service to deliver the parcel to your door, you must report this directly at
the time of ordering and pay for the extra service provided by the delivery
service. The delivery address is the one stated in your order or invoice. These
conditions apply if you choose our predefined transportation service.


The buyer must be aware that he assumes the liability for the goods from the time of delivery
of the products to the delivery address of the customer, as well as full
responsibility for any other subsequent delivery of the products to the buyer,
including any additional cost in connection with the order, including transit,
import duties, local taxes and insurance costs.


chairio attempts to deliver the products to the address of the buyer, if the buyer
decides to use our standard transportation service.


chairio will do everything to comply with the agreed delivery dates of the goods to the
delivery address. However, if chairio cannot meet the agreed delivery date, the
buyer will be notified so that he either agrees to a new delivery date or, if
it is not possible to meet the delivery date, can request a refund.


The goods shall only be transferred to the buyer upon full payment of the purchase price
and delivery of the goods to the delivery address. Liability for the goods
shall pass to the buyer upon delivery of the order to the delivery address.
Please note that our freight forwarders usually deliver only to the door of the
customer’s address, if this location is easily accessible.


It is the buyer’s responsibility to carefully inspect the packaging and the goods for
damage immediately upon receipt or receipt by a third party. In the event of
damage such as the packaging shows signs of breakage, bruising, improper
transport or handling, the buyer must inform the supplier by e-mail to  

within 24 hours. chairio cannot be held liable after this period.




Upon request, chairio will prepare a simplified invoice of the order as soon as the
order has been accepted and the payment has been made.

If you wish to request an invoice, you must do so within 24 hours of order execution by
sending an e-mail to . Otherwise it cannot be issued. We would like to 

remind you that chairio cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of your data.




The prices for all products on the EU and USA websites include the shipping costs within
Europe and the USA (Pricing differs for products listed on each of the
respective websites), unless otherwise stated or for special offers or
promotions. In case shipping costs apply, these are calculated automatically
when the product is added to the cart and refer to the weight, the volume of
the order and the place of delivery.

The total price including shipping costs, will be displayed in the shopping cart (if
separate shipping costs are incurred) and will be approved by the buyer before
order confirmation.


Payment of any order and delivery costs must be complete before the order is processed and


The order will be processed by chairio as soon as the payment has been accepted, except
in cases where it was otherwise agreed. In this case, the terms of payment
agreed in the contract between chairio and the client are valid.


As soon as chairio receives the payment confirmation from the buyer, we will send the
buyer an order confirmation by e-mail (including the ordered products and prices).

The total price that the buyer pays for the goods is displayed in the shopping basket
and, if requested, also on the invoice. chairio reserves the right to adjust
the selling price in order to take into account price
increases of our suppliers, the introduction of new taxes or tariffs, misprints
or errors in the pricing information on our part. If chairio is forced to
increase the price of a product for any reason, the buyer is offered the
opportunity to cancel the order before the goods are shipped without penalty or
settle the difference to process the shipment of the order.


If a product is priced incorrectly due to an incident mentioned above, chairio is entitled
to refuse or cancel any order placed at the wrong price. If your payment has
been processed and your order has subsequently been canceled, chairio will
promptly issue a refund of the total amount received.


Payment is made at the time of the order, regardless of the waiting time or specified
delivery time.





We guarantee the confidentiality of the transmission of data through the Internet. We use
the STRIPE and PayPal platforms for card payments. These systems ensure the
identity of the seller, guarantee the integrity of the messages and encrypt the
data with SSL encryption of up to 128 bits. This guarantees that the
communication cannot be interpreted when someone intercepts the message.


e. Safety Standards


To prevent fraudulent use of credit cards, the banks, VISA, MASTERCARD, etc. have
developed new security standards that confirm the authenticity of the card
user. For this reason, you must have a security code or a check-in system of
your bank to make a safe purchase.


The required credit/debit card data are:

– card number.

– Expiration Date.

– 3-digit number
on the front or back of the card.




If the payment is made by bank transfer, the processing of the order begins as soon as
we have received the proof of payment via email at , where you must
indicate the order number in the subject line.


Data needed for the transfer.

The necessary data to be included in the transfer are:

– Beneficiary:

– Customer number:

– Address:

– Order number:


It is important that you note the order number that we have sent you by e-mail.
Otherwise, the order cannot be identified and processed.


If the payment method Bank Transfer is selected during the order and the payment is
not made within 7 working days, the order will be automatically canceled.


Product availability may change within minutes. The products are not reserved
until the payment of the order has been confirmed. Therefore, chairio is not
responsible for deviations of the stock level during ordering until the payment
is confirmed in the account.




Rules for the use of discount coupon codes: Discount coupons cannot be combined with
other discounts, promotions or invoices. Once you have entered your discount
code in the coupon field when you access the shopping cart, the discount will
automatically be deducted from the final amount without any further action
required by you. It is not possible to use two discount codes in the same
order. Therefore, if you have two discount codes, you must select the one you
want to use while it is still valid. 




chairio reserves the right to remove products from the website without prior notice and
without liability.


chairio reserves the right to refuse any order, for any reason whatsoever. In this
case, the full amount of the order will be refunded.


The prices are not guaranteed for a certain period. chairio reserves the right to update
the displayed prices and will make every effort to ensure that the prices are
correct at the time the buyer orders.


If a payment has been delayed or not paid by the buyer within 7 calendar days after the
order was made, chairio will immediately cease or cancel the delivery of the
goods until the total payment has been received by the supplier.




This chapter refers to the additional rights of buyers who can exercise their right of
return when receiving defective products.


a. Return of defective products


All customers have the right to return defective or non-compliant products if they
have been duly registered with our customer service department.



The colors and dimensions of the articles on the website are presented as good as possible
in original colors and dimensions, but are not always 100% correct, because the
colors are dependent on the display used, the light and contrast levels and
other conditions that are outside of our website and control.


We will gladly accept inquiries if you have questions or doubts about a particular product

which will be processed and reviewed by our technical department. Bear in mind that 

the cost for all returns for reasons of this nature are to be borne by the customer.


b. Warranty


All our products are guaranteed for 1 year from the invoice date against manufacturing
defects, except for products that are supplied for professional use, which are
guaranteed for 6 months from receipt of the goods by the customer. This
warranty does not cover damage caused by the consumer or by regular
product deterioration over a period of time or
due to exposure to bad weather conditions. Under this warranty, chairio will
replace defective parts or the entire item as necessary at no additional
charge. If chairio can no longer offer the item due to a warehouse or
manufacturing issue, chairio will offer as a substitute a comparable item equal
to the current value of the item in question.


c. Withdrawal


The Buyer has the right to withdraw from a purchase within 14 calendar days from the day
on which the payment of the order is received without giving any reasons. In
order to exercise this right, the purchaser must report his decision to
withdraw from the contract before the 14-day deadline by emailing (for more
information, please visit the website called “Right of withdrawal “).




For any type of return, the customer must contact our customer service department within 24
hours of receiving the delivery at the specified delivery address via . Please be sure to
add your order number and photos of the damage, so that the customer service
can understand the reason and cause of the return. In the event of customer’s
rejection of the order at the specified delivery address or at the transport
company WITHOUT considering the above procedure, the customer must pay the
transport cost to the customer and for returning the goods to our warehouse.


chairio will not carry the shipping costs in case of refusal of delivery of the order, which
has not been confirmed by our customer service department, or the return of the
order due to the customer not being present at the delivery address specified
in the order.


When accepting the delivery, buyers should be careful when opening the packaging.
chairio assumes no responsibility for any damage caused to the products during
unpacking by the customer, for example if the customer removes the protective
packaging with a knife. All our products are well protected.


Tip: Be patient when unpacking the goods
and use the right tools to avoid damaging the products.


If, after delivery attempts, the buyer is not present at the delivery address specified
in the order, the carrier will leave an advice note with each delivery attempt,
where the carrier should be contacted to arrange a timely delivery date within
regular working hours. If delivery is not possible within the time allowed by
the shipping service (usually 7 days), the order will be returned to the
chairio warehouse immediately. The return costs as well as the shipping cost to
the customer are at the expense of the customer. The customer may at any time
request a new delivery of the order (delivery cost in this case will be borne
by the customer), by sending a request by e-mail to .


The buyer must make sure that the delivery address is correct when ordering, in
order to avoid delivery to the wrong address. In case the shipment needs
to be forwarded to another address, the shipping costs are charged to the


If a shipment cannot be delivered due to difficulties in accessing this address (stairs or
unsuitable access routes), the customer will be responsible for any additional
costs incurred for the delivery. If the delivery address poses certain problems
for the shipment of the delivery, this must be communicated in advance for the
driver to take into account. chairio will contact the
carrier to clarify the feasibility of the delivery. If you wish, you can
contact our customer service via
to check the dimensions to avoid delivery problems. 


In the event of damage detection on the packaging or on the product, one of the following
provisions applies:


a. Damaged packages


The buyer must accept the delivery in case of damage to the packaging, if the damage has
obviously not affected the products. Keep the goods safe and mark them on the
delivery note “Unpacked with reservation” and take a picture, which
you send to . The damage is then claimed with the transport company.

In the event that the buyer refuses delivery without stating the reason stated above and
does not notify our claims department, the customer is responsible for the loss
of the order and / or any other chargeable consequences caused by this refusal
(including the shipping cost to the customer).


b. Defective goods


It is the duty of each customer to check the goods as soon as they arrive at the delivery
address specified in the order.


If there is damage in transit (damaged or incomplete goods) during the delivery and the
damage is clearly visible, the buyer must note in the transport delivery note
“Package damaged, outstanding inspection”. If the shipping company
does not provide a delivery note, the buyer must contact chairio by e-mail to  within 24 hours of receiving the goods and attach photos of the damage. 

The same applies if a delivery note was provided. In this case, a copy of the delivery 

note with the notice and photos of the damage must be sent to  

within 24 hours. Otherwise, the incident cannot be claimed and chairio will not be liable for


If the delivery is made to a third party, the customer has a maximum of 72 hours to
claim the incident. The customer must follow the instructions to contact our
customer service department ( ).


In any case, the images of the packages must be sent in advance to with the return request. The customer service department 

determines whether the return is accepted or not, depending on the condition 

of the products.


The buyer must provide the damaged or defective goods to our carrier so that 

they can be picked up and returned to our facilities. The transport company 

will pick up the shipment at the customer’s delivery address.


Damaged or defective products will be replaced by a new product of the same
characteristics. This exchange will be handled as soon as possible by chairio,
from the date on which the buyer reported the damage to the supplier. However,
we reserve the right to offer a refund or compensation. After the damage has
been checked, depending on the result, the damaged product will be replaced
free of charge and delivered within the respective delivery time and depending
on the current stock.


chairio will check the goods and determine if the responsibility for the defect lies with
the buyer, the logistics agency or the supplier. In the event
the defect is caused by the buyer, chairio reserves the right to
refuse to process the application. If the returned goods are damaged due to the
buyer’s actions, the buyer is responsible and must bear the costs of repairing
the damage.


chairio reserves the right to refuse any claim if the item is not returned in the original
packaging, open, without labeling, in poor condition, unpackaged or used. The
same applies if the return request is not sent within 24 hours of receipt of
the goods, with the exception of a delivery to third
party, in which case the customer has 72 hours to report the case.


c. Withdrawal


A consumer is any natural person who enters into a legal transaction for purposes 

which are predominantly neither commercial nor self-employed.




As a consumer you have the right to withdraw from this contract within fourteen days 

(14-Day Easy Returns) without giving any reason. The revocation period is fourteen 

days from the day on which you or a third party named by you, who is not the carrier, 

has or has taken possession of the goods. In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you

must inform us by means of a clear statement (i.e. a letter sent by mail or by
e-mail to the contact details below), about your decision to withdraw from this contract.



1950 W Corporate Way

Anaheim CA 92801, USA

Phone: +16199660130

e-mail address:


In order to maintain the cancellation period, it is sufficient that you send the notice of
the exercise of the right of withdrawal before the expiration of the withdrawal
period. If the period expires on a Saturday, Sunday or public holiday, it will
be extended until the next working day. chairio reserves the right to refuse
returns if the request is not submitted to chairio within 14 calendar days.


For the right of withdrawal to be accepted, the goods must be returned in the original 

packaging, complete with all instructions and mounting accessories. The product must 

not have been used or suffered any damage and must be in a clean, resalable condition.


The period to issue a refund is no longer than 30 business days from the date of receipt 

of the withdrawal request. In no case should the buyer return the order independently, without
first having agreed this with our customer service department and received an RMA number.


Withdrawal will be denied if the product has been custom build or has a custom color or 

padding for the customer.


The return cost of the products is paid by the customer. Any loss of value of the products 

and the packaging due to handling or operation of the products is the exclusive 

responsibility of the customer, who will pay for the damages and losses for chairio.


If the return cannot be accepted due to a breach of conditions specified by chairio, 

the customer will not be entitled to any refund for the returned products.


Consequences of the cancellation


If you withdraw from this Agreement, we will refund all payments that we have 

received from you, including delivery charges (except for the additional cost arising 

from your choice of a different delivery method other than the most favorable 

standard delivery we offer) at the latest within 30 days from the date on which 

the notification of your revocation of this contract has reached us. For this refund, we 

use the same means of payment that you used in the original transaction, unless otherwise
agreed with you; In no case will you be charged for any refund fees. We may
refuse to issue the refund until we have the product(s) back or until you have
provided proof that you have returned the product(s), whichever is the earlier.
You must send the product(s) back immediately to our Distribution
Center (address will be provided)  and in any event not later than fourteen days from the date on
which you inform us of the revocation of this contract.


The return shipment needs to be accompanied by a Note inside and outside the box 

containing your name, address, phone number, email, RMA number and order number.


The deadline is met if you send out the product(s) before the expiration of the period of 

fourteen days. You bear the immediate costs of returning the goods. You only have to
pay for a possible loss in value of the goods, if this loss of value is due to
a handling that is not necessary for the examination of the nature,
characteristics and functionality of the goods.



d. Cancellation:


Orders already processed or sent out by chairio cannot be canceled and must be
delivered to the delivery address originally stated by the buyer in the order.
Before the company sends the order, we offer our customers the opportunity to
cancel their orders. After the order has shipped the cancellation will not be
possible. The customer must contact our customer service department (

by e-mail to request a cancellation, to prevent a cancellation by another person and to allow
chairio to respond to requests as soon as possible. Any administrative costs of
the supplier will in any case be deducted from the amount to be refunded.
chairio will issue a refund for the order within a maximum of 30 working days.




A change of the order cannot be requested if the order has already left our warehouse and
is being shipped. A change of the items within in the order can be accepted if
the order is still in preparation for shipment.


In any event, the buyer should contact .
All costs associated with the return and / or change shall be borne by the
buyer. You will be notified of how to proceed with the return of the items, but
also about the difference between the number of items or the refund to your




chairio is not liable for indirect, incidental or consequential damages or damages of any
kind. If the buyer acts as a consumer, the liability in case of a breach by
chairio against these terms and conditions, chairio’s liability is limited to
damages to the buyer, which in no case will exceed the price of the goods.




chairio shall not be liable for possible delays or non-performance of its obligations
which are caused by the delay or failure of events or circumstances beyond its
reasonable control, including, but not limited to, acts of war, accidents,
fires, strikes, forced closures, lack of communication, delays or retention of
products at Customs, including computer or telecommunications systems,
equipment or equipment failures or scarcity or unavailability of raw materials
from a natural source, and chairio is entitled to an appropriate extension of
its obligations.




These terms and conditions are construed and executed in accordance with 

European and American law and are the sole responsibility of the American 

Courts of Los Angeles, California.


In case of deviations resulting from non-compliance with the terms and conditions 

of sale and purchase, both parties submit to legal proceedings before the competent
courts of Los Angeles, California, USA and forgo their own if they are different.



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